The restoration of the planet begins in people.
The restoration of the planet begins in you.

"Give someone advice and they solve the problem, teach someone to think and they solve all problems."
Anti-fragility is growing stronger as a result from pressure and stress. We are anti-fragile systems. To trigger anti-fragility, nurture the following areas:

All religions share the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You are genetically connected to every human. You only need to go back 60 ancestors to span the course of human history. If you want to know what you can truly be, look to everyone who has ever lived. Each of your ancestors had 4000 weeks to curate a life, and you have the same. Embrace the fleeting, changeable, and imperfect nature of the things around us. Life is always simultaneously joy and sorrow. We are born to transform pain into beauty. Pain is inevitable, so what are you going to do with it?

Apply these 7 universal principles to all training:
1. The harder you train, the harder you need to recover. Teaching yourself to turn it off is a large part of learning to turn it on much more intensely. If you’re not feeling it, listen to your body.
2. Keep your body guessing. Do exercises you haven’t done recently, and include all aspects of fitness: cardio, strength exercises (3-7 reps), endurance exercises (10-50 reps), flexibility (yoga, stretches).
3. Train using full body movements for the greatest results and use of time (burpees, planks, push-ups, pull-ups, rowing machine, lunges, squats, deadlift)
4. 80% rule: Always work at 80% of your full capacity. Practice entering sustainable ‘flow states’ and slowly improve them over time.
5. Keep your chest up (posture, running, squats, etc.)
6. Anything worth doing is worth doing bad (5 minutes of the planned workout rather than 0).
7. Make goals inputs, not outputs (30 minutes of exercise 4 days/ week, not ‘lose 5 pounds’). More important is your journey while training, rather than the event or outcome.

Deeply engage in activities that allow you to enter “flow state”. To find these activities, notice what you move towards, what you’re curious about, the people that energize you, the activities that make you feel alive and expansive. Get away from the rational idea of what you should be doing. Notice what does not spark joy and do less of it.

We are all united in our longing for a better tomorrow; this is the beauty of humanity. This shared longing is the best pathway to love and connection. Tell your loved ones that you love them daily. Bring gratitude to each interaction by practicing the art of finding beauty in the small things. Remember that each encounter is unique and will never be repeated, and that this moment exists only now and is all you have. Be a little kinder to others than you think is necessary.

Whatever you’re carrying unconsciously will manifest into your life until you’re aware of it. Keep your mind independent from any thoughts that arise within it. Do not let your mind be your master but let it be your servant. The nature of our mind is to always be working and thinking. You have 60,000 thoughts a day. If negative thoughts or feelings arise, you must welcome them, and remember that they are only thoughts. Learn to do everything lightly. Think lightly, act lightly, and feel lightly (even though you’re feeling deeply). Be easier on yourself than you think is necessary.

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Created by Kenny Chaser